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Money Very Well Spent.

“For most of my life I knew that there had to be a better way of training my dog than by yelling at him, stuffing my hand down his throat, and hanging him by his collar for bad behavior. I absolutely did not want to use these techniques with my new German shepherd. I searched and researched a long time to find someone who is well grounded in positive based training techniques.

Lucy’s level of expertise is such that never in my wildest dreams did I think I would train with someone so knowledgeable about dog behavior. She is exquisitely patient with the human (me) who has never attempted this type of training before and sometimes is very dense. If one technique does not work, Lucy modifies it until she finds something that works for the human and the dog.

I came to Lucy with a reactive puppy who is very uncomfortable with other dogs. I also wanted to learn better techniques on handling a working pet in the house. My adolescent about to become an adult can now walk beside a calm dog. On neighborhood walks, given a bit of distance, can manage his emotions much better. And, he no longer jumps on me and now respects my space.

Money, very well spent.”

— P. Savage

Expertise and Experience Beyond Words

“Lucy’s ability to read a dog, on the fly, when the work gets intense and the going gets tough is beyond words. It is an appreciation of the spirit of the dog she is working with that takes her work into the level that we seldom see. Years of expertise and experience make her a wonderful trainer, but that combined with the intuition that she brings to the work is what makes her a hero of mine!”

— Brenda Aloff, trainer, author, Dog Writers Association of America Award winner

Lucy Has A Natural Talent

“I met Lucy about 8 years ago after getting my Rottweiler pup, Takara.  I was having intermittent dog aggression issues and struggling to train through it. I had heard from some other Rottweiler people that Lucy was the person to see.

I travelled 6 hours to see if Lucy could help me out. It was the best trip I ever made! Through her amazing ability to work with human and canine she improved Takara’s life and mine. Lucy taught me how to work around the aggressive moments and bring her back to a thinking mental state using positive techniques. From that point on Takara and I were unstoppable. Lucy gave me the tools to take a dog from not being able to get into a building if another dog was nearby to acquiring several working titles.

Solving behaviour issues is not Lucy’s only gift.  She has a natural talent for working with dogs and patience with the people.  I look forward to working with Lucy with my new pup and every dog that follows.

Thank you Lucy for what you have taught me!”

— KIM OATWAY, St. Catharines, ON


Can’t Wait to Have Her Back.

“Lucy gave a fantastic two-day workshop on the sport of scent detection for our club. She is not only an interesting speaker about the theory and science behind scent detection and dog training; it is also a joy to watch and learn from her working with dogs and their handlers.

Her ability to communicate clearly combined with her attention to detail meant that everybody, both auditors and also handlers with working spots, learnt a huge amount and by the end of the seminar, had a good understanding of how to progress with their dogs in the sport, from teaching beginning dogs to recognize odor to problem solving and increasing drive in more advanced dogs.

Lucy also gave some private lessons after the workshop and again, working one-on-one with Lucy is a real pleasure. After an hour with Lucy, I left with three very clear exercises to work on and techniques to use to build my dog’s drive and confidence in scent detection and improve his performance. Even before the workshop was finished people were asking when we could get Lucy back for another. Her approach makes complete sense and leads to visible progress in a short time. Working with her is also a lot of fun. We certainly hope she will be able to return in the not-too-distant future.”

Lucy Teaches Dogs to be Independent, Confident, and Enthusiastic.

“I was lucky enough to find Lucy Newton when I enrolled in one of her online tracking a few years ago. Since then, I have worked with Lucy in numerous online classes, remotely through private video reviews, and I was even able to work with her in person when she traveled to California for a tracking workshop.

During the first class I took with Lucy, it was immediately apparent that she had a different take on tracking than anyone else I had encountered. She combines an incredible depth of knowledge on dog training with real life experience on what it takes for a working dog to be successful. Through this process, she turns out tracking dogs who are independent, confident, and enthusiastic about their jobs. When you add her talent as a dog trainer to her ability to communicate with people in an effective, kind and understanding way, Lucy is an exceptional resource.”


Lucy is World Class.

“I was very happy to find out about the Fenzi Academy because I live in an area where finding good instructors for dog sports can be difficult, particularly those who use positive methods for training. Lucy Newton is world-class, very helpful and knowledgeable about her subject. She is keenly aware of differences in dogs and their progress and abilities. I would recommend her tracking courses to anyone who wants to teach their dog but cannot find a teacher (or wants a better one) or who finds books on the topic somewhat lacking. Great course.”


Learning Theory, Science, and Practical Application

“This course was a wonderful well thought out introduction to variable surface tracking. Lucy’s ability to mesh learning theory and science with practical applications leads to a program that makes sense for both beginners and experienced trackers alike. The lectures and demo videos are easy to follow with excellent content and will be a great resource to fall back on in the future. My favourite part of Lucy’s classes is her ability and willingness to work with the dog in front of her and varying levels of ability and skill in both the dog and handler. This course was so good we should definitely do it again.”


“Lucy is helpful and invested in her students. You can see she really wants them to succeed.”

Exactly What I’ve Been Searching For!

“I’ve been looking for a method to teach tracking that is not footstep tracking, but also is not ‘a leisurely stroll through the field.’ Lucy’s method teaches accuracy with drive, an absolutely fantastic combination, and exactly what I’ve been searching for. There is so little instruction offered in this area, it has been a wonderful experience to be able to track and have someone watch and guide. LOVED this class, can’t recommend it enough!”


I Knew In My Heart There Was a Better Way…

“I have been tracking for 25 years, judging and competing, and I knew in my heart there was a better way than the traditional way I have always trained my dogs for tracking. Lucy has come up with a system that sits well with positive training techniques, shaping the behaviour and allowing the dog to learn from the track. Brilliant.”


Amazing Ability to Observe Working Dogs

“I have been involved in tracking in Australia for nearly 25 years and I feel very fortunate to be one of Lucy’s online tracking students. To provide tuition, using this medium requires special skills. Lucy has an amazing ability to observe the subtle indications of a working dog, even on video. She has been a patient instructor and a great communicator, and I could write a book of gratitude for all I’ve learnt from her.”

So Glad I Found This Course!

“I am so glad I found this course, just wish it had been around sooner!! I have a 2 1/2 year old female Doberman who LOVES tracking and is turning into a slow methodical worker thanks to Lucy Newton 🙂 The lectures and forums have made teaching my second Dobie SO much easier. Her progress has been very smooth, really building our confidence. I would highly recommend these fantastic foundation courses for anyone wanting to start tracking or build more precision.”


Looking Forward to More

“Super class. Lucy is a great teacher who is attentive to each team, honest, works with each team. Presents material in format that is easy to understand, very structured in what is expected—that is esp. valuable to someone with limited time for training, there’s not a lot of fumbling around figuring out what you are supposed to do, she tells you and monitors the progress. Very happy with this class, looking forward to more work with Lucy.”

“Lucy’s passion and caring is evident in not only the time spent on feedback and responses to questions, but also providing a hand to hold for the needy student or a kick in the butt for those that need it.”

Now I Understand How to Set My Dog Up for Success.

“I love, love, love Lucy¹s classes! Her tracking training is cutting edge! Lucy is a fabulous trainer who really understands reinforcement training and how to shape behavior. She uses both to create strong, confident tracking dogs who can handle a variety of challenges on their own, without handler help. After taking Lucy¹s online classes, I understand how to set up training situations to help my dog develop his tracking skills and then to get out of his way and let him problem solve. I feel very confident progressing our training based on what I learned from Lucy. I cannot recommend her classes highly enough.”

Learned More Than I Ever Expected…

“THANK YOU LUCY!!! I am so glad I took this course. You are able to explain very complicated situations in a way even I can grasp. I learned more than I ever expected to learn, a big part of it being more observant while combining known conditions.

Now I can’t even look at the smoke coming from a hot pan on the range without considering where it is drawn and what might be the reason (more burned food to be expected around here…). I liken this course to a drawing course I took a few years ago. I had been drawing when I was younger and had some instruction. Only this last course taught me to really look instead of assuming what I was seeing. Same with your course!”

Highly Recommended.

“This was an excellent course providing a detailed yet comprehensible account of what scent is, and of the effects of a variety of environmental factors. Lucy emphasized how we are setting the environment up to encourage a particular performance from our dog, and how we can later attempt to interpret various influences on that performance. I highly recommend this course!”


She Always Has a Solution.

“Lucy is honestly brilliant! She has that gift of being able to look and really see what is going on with a dog and what they are thinking ad what assumptions they are making, even just through a video. And she always has a solution, then another solution for even the more challenging dogs. Her depth of experience really shows through.”



Her Dedication is Unparalleled.

“It was a certain German Shepherd puppy that created the opportunity for me to meet Lucy Newton back in 2002. Over the years we have become good friends through our shared passion for dog training. Lucy’s dedication to advancing our profession is unparalleled. She has a quiet but insistent way of getting to the core of a dog and moving them in the right direction with remarkable ease.

The measure of her training abilities is evident in the many amazing animals she has trained in tracking and detection. Lucy is always seeking knowledge. I have learned a great deal from her and respect her approach to training. I am fortunate to call her a friend and colleague and I thank her for helping me become a better handler and trainer.”

— SGT. MARY DAVIS, Canine Trainer, Montgomery County (Maryland) Police Department

The Best Trainer I’ve Worked With.

“Lucy provided a true master class on taking two (very different) dogs with no detection experience, and crafting them into highly trained, certified dogs in relatively short period of time.

In addition to her obvious command of the mechanics of training dogs, I was highly impressed with the level of intuition she demonstrated with each of our dogs.  She was able to quickly identify the personality differences in both the dogs and the handlers, and pair them accordingly.  Without her leadership in this area, our program would not have been successful.

It was obvious that Lucy loved our dogs and did not view them simply as equipment.  This truly set Lucy apart from many of the other trainers I had worked with in the past.  There were no hard corrections to shortcut the learning process.  Lucy utilizes positive training principles, preserving the relationship between handler and dog.

I highly recommend Lucy for detection and tracking training.  She is a true professional.  Her deep level expertise and caring make her simply the best trainer I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.”

— JEFF DONOHUE, NIU Police K9 Unit

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